About Us

Here at Urban Shield™, we recognize that security is about more than simply safety—it’s about peace of mind. We are a premium private security and investigations company headquartered in Oakland, CA that was founded with a dedication to excellence and integrity. Our services are customized to match the specific demands of our clients.

Protecting what matters most is our priority at Urban Shield™, where we specialize in community collective uniformed security patrol services, executive protection, and home security. We can go above and beyond to meet your needs, whether you’re a homeowner trying to secure your property/estate, a well-known CEO needing covert protection, or a community trying to improve security by having an active presence and quick service response.

Professionals with experiences in law enforcement, the military, and security intelligence make up our team. They are highly qualified and experienced individuals. Our staff members have undergone extensive screening, possess state-of-the-art equipment, and are skilled in risk assessment, strategic security implementation, and discreetly and quickly handling any emergency.

At Urban Shield™, we place a high value on attentive attention to detail and individualized service. We collaborate extensively with each customer to provide customized security solutions that meet their specific needs and financial constraints. Whether we’re installing cutting-edge security systems, running extensive background checks, or offering 24-hour security, we’re dedicated to providing unmatched security solutions with unflinching professionalism.

Not only that, but we believe in building solid partnerships with our clients and communities in addition to providing protection. Our goal is to establish safer conditions that support the growth of businesses and enable individuals to flourish via proactive participation and collaboration.

Selecting Urban Shield™ is an investment in peace of mind as much as hiring a security company. Take a look at Urban Shield™ and start your road to a more secure and safe future.